Over at the Orrery, th’ buni sifts through slag and collects waste heat.


I don’t know who actually looked at the pictures when I mentioned the repairs that β needed. They weren’t pretty, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to go digging into the details. However, there are a couple of pictures I’d like to share with people, because they’re going to help set context for […]

Mechanoalchemical Pornograph 002 – Delivery

The first pang hit while I was cooking dinner. A younger doe might have written it off the signs — a sudden heaviness in the pit of my stomach while humming a snatch of song I couldn’t immediately place — but I’d been on the List long enough to know what was coming. I almost […]


Sometimes, there’s no resisting the Call. The Gods call, and you will go. To be sure, it was only my third time trying the bong, it was an unfamiliar strain, and I’ve been under a lot of stress from the situation with the house, and the general state of politics. So, unsure of what exactly […]