0003 Ertera 15: General Trivia

So, as always, it’s later than I expect updating this thing. I always start off with the best of intentions, saying “I’m going to update regularly from now on! Every Kimya after work! Every Pozya morning! Something, just… say something!” Of course, me being me, I get distracted, and then I get sullen and silent […]

0003 Ertera 03: Bandaza Madness!

It’s Bandaza time again here at the Lapinian Embassy; most folks would call it Thanksgiving, but we know it as the Days of Plenty, a three-day celebration of charity. The holiday actually started in its current form over a dozen years or so ago, now, actually. It wasn’t uncommon among my friends in Texas to […]

0002 Indera 21: Holidays

Joyous Athamara to everyone! I know sending out seasons’ greetings after the holiday is over is usually a bit tacky, but this year things got so hectic, I totally forgot to say something in advance. I didn’t even get to hang up any paper chains, and my gifts for folks really were slapdash at best. […]