Over at the Orrery, th’ buni sifts through slag and collects waste heat.


When I posted yesterday’s post-mortem, I was expecting some people to be angry. I was expecting some people to be surprised. I was expecting some people to share it with friends. I wasn’t expecting it to be the most widely distributed tract I’ve ever written. I think more people have read that post than have […]

RainFurrest 2016 Post-Mortem

It’s my opinion that what really killed RF2016 was RF2011 to RF2015. During those years we failed to deal with problem behavior as it started happening. We failed at every level of our organization: we didn’t adequately staff the event to cope with our growing numbers, we didn’t work with our venue to discourage bad […]


I’m autistic. This must come as such a shock to so many, really. It’s something I’ve been using as upaya for years. It really did seem to be the best explanation for a lot of what I’ve long described as “quirks” in my personality. I used to say, back when I was in college and […]


I have a real love-hate relationship with social media. It’s not just “social media” in their current incarnations, though I confess I’m not a huge fan. Facebook’s privacy model is, effectively, “we don’t want you to have any.” This from the man who bought four houses close to his in order to, and I quote, […]