0004 Jevera 18: Warren

So, based on the feedback that I got, I went ahead and took the plunge. Dada is dead, long live Dada! Dada dada adad dada da da da.

I hope that the transition for most folks is seamless. I still intend to post backlinks to LiveJournal, and in fact I’m investigating tools to do that for me. It’s made a little more complex by the fact that I don’t want full crossposting, just linky bits, but once I work out an automated strategy, things should be fine. Until I do that, there’s really no hassle for me in manually making the posts on LJ. Really, I’d rather have that there than no updates at all.

Of course, now there’s an RSS feed, so I fully expect many of you will simply switch to that. Which, you know, is perfectly fine with me. Though, I confess, this raises an interesting point, and one that follows presently. As part of this project, my intent is to fold in some of my more private content, since the most secure place in the world is my private system and the reason I didn’t want to use LJ to contain that stuff was concerns about how my data would be handled. If it’s where I can see it, I can get rid of it. The stark realization of perfect copies and once-out-never-in posting aside, I’ll feel better managing my own personal posts that way.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to be trying to set up some private filters here to handle the equivalent of friends-locking and such. We’ll see how successful it all is. It’s not ready yet, but hopefully soon.

At the same time, I’m going to also be bringing the Nail home as well. I’ll still be posting links back to LJ when I update that one as well, and in fact on to FA, too, since the option exists for it, but it’s my hope to get all my needs served off of a single site and then branch out from there.

Now, if I’m really feeling crazy, I’ll update to WordPressMU and run all the blogs off of a single install, but for now I’m content to go with multiple installs of WordPress.

It’s where I long for, my home.

Recently, at the Embassy, we had over a guest, and because of a bout of indecision, I was empowered to try my paw at Vulpistani неудача (neudacha). I understand it’s one of the more popular dishes in our sister country across the mountains, often served in place of meat! It’s rare that I get a chance to “go native” for Jessie’s benefit, especially when it involves cooking, since so much of it involves small game.

Unfortunately, as these things go… it didn’t quite work out according to plan.

I understood the basics: mushrooms, onions, beets, caraway seeds, with pierogies and a sour cream sauce. That much was simple, and I dutifully fried everything up as I was supposed to, with plenty of butter until everything was done and the pierogies had taken on the coloration. I remember in the recipe I saw from Jessie’s babushka, something about helping them at least look like meat and fooling the kits. I confess, it was a little disturbing, but I was going to see this through to the end.

However… I tried to get creative. See, the original recipe said to cook the sour cream with a bit of flour to make a sauce, and I thought that was fine as far as it went, but I had all this liquid left from the cans of beets, so I thought, “why not make a reduction of the juice, then add the sour cream to that? That’ll be really tangy, and I won’t be wasting anything!” I know enough Vulpistani history to understand the importance of saving everything.

Next time… I think I’ll let the beet juice go. When I got done stirring the sour cream into the reduction, the result was… well, see for yourself.

It looks like Cream of My Little Pony.


No color-matching programs were used in this meal.

Really, any joke I could make about this, you all have probably already made. Suffice to say, it may have been the most        meal ever.

Next level; let’s go!