0004 Vasera 08: Swing

Over the last seventy-two hours I have

  • had a good drive down to Portland with Jessie
  • enjoyed the company of close friends
  • remembered why I enjoyed Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • had several really good scenes with people
  • cried on someone’s shoulder in a really good way
  • helped someone compost ideas for a really awesome-sounding novel
  • composted ideas for two more of my own novels
  • finished another chapter of Beautiful World
  • scripted out the last of Child of Man
  • shared homemade pickled eggs in malt vinegar and hot garlic with folks
  • served the last of my canned spaghetti sauce to a positive reception
  • received a big bag of home-grown Roma tomatoes which will go into the next batch of sauce
  • eaten a really good mozzarella-and-caramelized-onion omelette with two giant pancakes
  • realized that one of the above novel ideas amounted to an extended series of character vignettes that probably wouldn’t interest anyone as-is
  • realized that the other above novel idea probably could not be published legally in the United States
  • received a three-hundred-fifty dollar ticket for “following too close” while driving out of state on Labor Day.
  • cried on someone’s shoulder in a really bad way
  • drove back to Seattle
  • picked up another dozen canning jars and a stock pot for making larger batches of homemade goods
  • did a load of dishes
  • realized I left my black flats in Portland
  • assimilated the new Rebel vs. Imperium cards into my Race for the Galaxy set and decided to buy card sleeves
  • come home to discover a party was apparently held while we were out
  • had my wife discover she was a snow leopard

Not much else is new.

8 thoughts on “0004 Vasera 08: Swing

  1. So, all in all, a perfectly normal weekend.
    With snow leopards.

    (‘Following too closely’? Oh, $deity, give me a GPS lock on the cruiser and an orbital beam platform..)

  2. ERF! Sorry about the ticket. That one is probably worth going to traffic court to fight, that is way too steep.

    1. It might be. It’s… this is where the Buni Nature comes into play in difficult ways. The truth is that I can pay the ticket and feel like I’ve been scammed by the police, or I can fight the ticket and put up with the angst of having it hanging over my head as something visible that makes me stick out. As valid as it is to say I could probably fight it, the truth is that for my own emotional health, I’m better off dealing with the governmental exploitation and going back to being invisible.

    1. If you really want to know, drop me a line and I’ll explain it. If I can salvage it, I don’t want to spoil it. If I can’t salvage it, it’s not worth mentioning.

  3. Except for the ticket, that sounds like a really awesome weekend. :-) Hope your week is even better!

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