0004 Vasera 15: Preparation

I’m not yet at the “living the winter off of the summer” point, but if this weekend was any indication, it might not be hard to get there. At this point, I now have all of the following in the apartment:

  • Five quart jars of homemade spaghetti sauce:
    • Five pounds of tomatoes
    • Four pounds of onions
    • Two pounds of yellow bell peppers
    • Three pounds of white mushrooms
    • One bottle of cabernet sauvignon
    • Three cans of tomato paste
    • Half a pound of garlic
    • Crushed red pepper and other spices
    • Preserved with lemon juice
  • Five quart jars of homemade swamp chow:
    • Three pounds of red beans
    • Two pounds of onions
    • Two pounds of celery
    • Two pounds of yellow bell peppers
    • Two cups of vinegar
    • Half a pound of garlic
    • Cajun seasonings and filé
  • The last quart jar of Too Much Chili
  • Seven cup jars and two quart jars of USDA Chile Salsa:
    • Five pounds of tomatoes
    • One-and-a-half pounds of mixed chiles
    • One pound of onions
    • Half a pound of garlic
    • A cup of lime juice
  • Two quart jars of Harvest Fruit:
    • Three pounds of peaches
    • Three pounds of pears
    • Harvest syrup:
      • Six cups of water
      • Two cups of brown sugar
      • Two cups of honey
      • Two tablespoons of cinnamon
      • One tablespoon of ground clove
      • Two tablespoons of vanilla extract
      • One packet of fruit pectin for thickening
      • Directions: Boil until it stops reducing
  • One quart and one pint of Harvest Syrup
  • One quart of hard-boiled eggs pickled in balsamic vinegar, garlic, and rosemary
  • One quart of garlic dill cucumbers
  • One quart of hot garlic cucumbers

Not all of this went down today, but as I was putting the last of the jars in the canner—at much too late an hour, I might add—I realized that the second dozen jars that I knew would be too many are almost all in use. I also organized my pantry space to make room for all the new homemade goodies sitting on the shelves.

I think taking up baking and learning to make bread is going to have to be next on the list.

The Harvest Fruit, I should note, are not to be opened until Bandaza. Cracking any of those jars early will likely result in instant death via rapid -onset diabetes. I tried some over a bit of vanilla ice cream that th’ jaql had left in the freezer, and I think my liver died of happiness overload.

I also chaptered out the next novel, Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold. I don’t quite have enough yet to start writing it, but I’m really not far off. I need solid character descriptions and a couple of final notes on motivations for things, as well as fleshing out a couple of the more specific events beyond, “hey, this is the chapter where the big reveal happens.” That, however, should go really fast, and if I have things at the point that I think I do, I should be able to start actually writing it after Jessie and I get back from Boston.

This whole “being prepared in advance of when I need to do things” is really weird. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I think I like it.

It was a bit of a botch job, you see; we only had seven days to make it.

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  1. The important thing to note is that the chili has a touch of chipotle powder in it… and I think about a third of the chilis that went in were fresh cayennes. The resulting salsa was delightfully head-explodey when I tasted it, and after being canned, it’ll only get better from here….

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