0004 Fathera 22: Final

Awesome of awesomes: Child of Man is finished! Yes, that’s right, the book is actually done before it’s finished on the website. So, buy it early and see how it ends before everyone else! Plus, the book contains some extra content that won’t be appearing on the site. It’s a bonus for everyone! The final price is USD8.00, which I hope is eminently reasonable given the content.

Mad props to go Paka, ’cause the cover he painted is absolutely frazzin’ gorgeous. The book’s worth its price in art alone. Secondly, thanks go to Bea, who helped clean up the writing. It didn’t need a lot, but what it did need, it needed badly, and she helped put the polish on a lot of patches. To Jessie for helping me assemble it, and to everyone who helped keep me motivated enough to finish it, thank you for putting up with my madness!

And now… to get back to work on everything else on my plate. =@.@=

12 thoughts on “0004 Fathera 22: Final

  1. Congratulations and bravo!

    Without wanting to distract from this achievement, Createspace’s ‘When can I expect this order’ javascript is a bit borked. Annnnd it appears their third-party creditcard processor people don’t do paypal.

    So.. uhm. I can’t quite finish my order.

    (embarassed look) #.#

    1. Well isn’t that just a fine thing? *glares at CreateSpace exasperatedly* They’re a subsidiary of Amazon, so I’m… not surprised, exactly, but I am annoyed. Not at you, though, dear.

      I’ll start asking some questions and see what I can find out. *hugs*

      1. (*snugs*) No worries, no worries. I shall transfer what’s in my paypal to my somewhat overburdened creditcard, which is the right thing to do anyhow, and purchase your book directly once so done – it will just take a few more days, is all. Nothing earthshattering.

      1. According to my little dashboard thingi, it says “Amazon Retail Sales status: Requested”, so I think the answer is yes, but I have no further details à ce moment.

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