Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 02: Adjustment (Part 3)

The slaver nodded at that, her smile returning. “I think you’ll adapt quickly. You have some actions and attitudes to unlearn, but I think the last time I saw someone accept and adapt to eir fate so quickly was—” She stopped, her eyes briefly dropping to the wolf that knelt once more beside her. She put one paw on the back of Milos’ head, lightly stroking his ears, drawing a growl of pleasure out of him. “The one who buys you at auction is going to go home with a prize.”

I ducked my head, smiling at the compliment, but I caught myself before responding. Instead I just knelt, resting my paws on my knees as she’d shown me yesterday. I could feel the heat in my ears and muzzle, but then Milos suddenly leaned over and, with that faint smirk, licked my cheek. I cried out in surprise and reflexively wiped at my face with the back of my paw, following that with a whimper at the light rap of the slaver’s rod on the back of my head.

“And you were doing so well,” the raccoon chuckled. “Up with you, for the moment.” She shook the leash and motioned for me to rise. “I have one or two last things to examine before your first lesson.” I stood again, and she starting running her fingers through my fur. She hummed quietly, rubbing strands between them. “It’s a fine texture, and thick.” She leaned close and took a deep breath. “I don’t smell anything. Milos, check him.”

The wolf bowed again, then suddenly pressed his muzzle firmly into my groin. His breath was hot against my sheath, which immediately sent a fresh wave of embarrassment down my spine. Reflexively, I moved to push the Milos away, but the slaver rapped me on the back of one paw, and I forced them back down to my sides. If anything, Milos seemed encouraged by my discomfort, nuzzling between my legs and sniffing deeply. Uninvited, my shaft began to stir, though of course the slaver’s pet took no notice. His tongue squirmed further back, making me squeak, shivering as he licked at the sensitive skin just at the base of my rump. He remained there, eyes closed for several painfully long seconds, tasting and smelling. Finally, though, he withdrew and shook his head. Then his tongue snapped forward and caressed the end of my shaft before returning to his kneel, his tail wagging slowly behind him while my ears and cheeks burned.

The raccoon only smirked as she watched, though when Milos licked me, she rolled her eyes and rapped the back of his head with her staff. “Enough of that, you.” Then she turned her attention back to me, her tail waving bemusedly behind her as she studied my humiliation. “You’re clean, which is good. How well do you know your way around a mattress?”

I didn’t think I could flush any darker. “Master?”

The slaver sighed and tapped her wooden rod against her paw. “Have you ever bed anyone?”

Suddenly the room grew very cold. My voice caught in my throat, but I managed to whisper, “No, master.”

“Well, time for you to learn,” she replied. “Kneel. Milos, rise, undress me.” As I returned to my knees, the wolf stood, then helped the slaver out of her garment, leaving her bare from the waist down. I lowered my gaze and bit my lip, afraid to look at her, afraid even to breathe, but the slaver moved in front of me, forcing her scent into my nostrils. A sudden tug at my leash snapped my head upwards, so that I was staring directly at the cleft between her legs. “Put your fingers here, carefully, then move them apart and tell me what you see.”

With shaking fingers, I did as I was told, then leaned in to get a good look. Her musk was heavy and faintly sweet, clinging to her fur. Past the cleft, her skin was curiously bare, like a pad but much more delicate. As for what I saw, I stared for a moment, then stammered, “Master, I… see a ridge of flesh half-covering a small bump. Below that are two openings, a smaller one above a larger.”

The slaver smiled. “Your eyes are good, at least. Now, let’s try your tongue. Lick me.”

I blanched. “Master?” Rather than respond, she simply let the wooden rod on my shoulder, so with a whimper, I leaned forward to do as she said. Her flesh tasted as her musk suggested, with a hint of salt as well. Almost as soon as I touched her, though, she let out a trilled sigh and I pulled back in surprise. “Master, I’m sorry!”

The rod rapped me lightly on the shoulder, making me wince. “I’ll tell you when to stop. Keep doing that, but vary your motions, and stay away from that button until I say otherwise. Proceed.” I tried to do as she said, clumsily lapping at her flesh while she directed me, but after just a minute or two, my tongue and jaw began to grow tired. “That will need work, to be sure,” she commented, stepping back and letting my leash go slack. “Still, you’ve learned everything else quickly enough. Milos, dress me, then stand here.” She motioned to the wolf, who slid the slaver’s dress back around her shoulders, then returned her belt to her. As she buckled it, she turned to me. “Surely you’ve at least touched yourself, yes?”

My ears flattened back against my head. “Yes, master.”

“Good,” she replied. “So, you won’t need me to tell you what a sheath looks like.” She gestured to Milos. “Show me what you know. Milos, perform, but wait.”

The wolf let out a whine as he presented himself to me. My fingers shook only slightly less as I gently cupped his sheath, stroking the short, sensitive fur with my fingerpads. Milos let out a soft whimper, but he nodded encouragingly, spreading his legs slightly. I felt as if all the blood in my body had rushed to my face, but still I did what I could to pleasure him, coaxing his shaft out of its sheath, urging him to firmness. Much more quickly than I expected, his pink cock had presented itself, its tip already showing signs of excitement.

Milos whined again, nodding encouragingly as, with less trepidation, I bent forward and wrapped my lips around the tip of the wolf’s shaft. His whimper dropped into a growl of pleasure as I began to suck. Still sore from my earlier efforts, I could do little more than tease, but then he began to rock his hips, pushing himself further into my muzzle. Closing my eyes, I focused on keeping my lips tight against his shaft and caressing his sheath with my paws as he thrust forward, each motion sending him a little deeper towards my throat.

It wasn’t long at all before Milos’ paws were on the back of my head, holding me in place as he sunk his shaft into my throat. My own cock ached from arousal, leaking need, but I did my best to keep my attentions focused on the wolf, stroking his sheath and gently squeezing his knot. Soon, he was whining with every breath, his knees trembling and a steady drip of his anticipation coating my tongue. He started to pant, his claws pressing into my skull, his hips jerking as he bit his hip, trying to delay his release.

As soon as the slaver said, “Milos, now,” he let out a howl, then drove himself forward, shaft twitching between my lips as he finished, filling my muzzle with his seed. Exhaustion and soreness kept me from catching all of his release, a few ropy strands seeping down my chin. I gently massaged his knot, urging as much out of him as I could, until his hips stopped their frantic shaking and his shaft began to soften. I sucked gently as he withdrew, then swallowed, wiping at my muzzle with a paw.

The slaver’s rod rapped my knuckles, making me wince. “Wait until you’re told you may before you do that, next time.” I heard the smile in her voice. “Something tells me you preferred that.”

“Yes, master,” I replied, licking my lips to savor the last drops of Milos’ release. I wanted to feel humiliated by what I had just done, but so much had stricken me in just the last day that I didn’t feel capable of any more embarrassment. Instead, all I could feel past the numbness in my muzzle and the soreness in my knees was arousal and a hint of pride at how quickly Milos had begged for release.

The raccoon crossed her arms. “Hmph. Well, it doesn’t matter what you’d prefer, but it’s worth knowing.” She handed me a small rag. “Wipe your muzzle, then back into the cage with you. You’ve a lot left to learn, but I’ve no doubt you will by the auction. Now, back in the cage with you. You need the rest, and I have other work to do.”

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  1. Damn I was kind of hoping he was going to be straight, or at the least prefer a female. It probably won’t matter but if he does end up being taken by a male master I will probably stop reading. Just prefer straight material.

    Still very well done and still enjoying the read alot.

    1. That’s a pity. As Kristy’s primary beta- and proof-reader, I’ve seen a little ways ahead, and I can tell you that there’s a heck of a lot more to this story than any one particular sort of sex.

    2. Without revealing too much about the direction that things are going to take, I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m definitely glad that you’re enjoying so far, though!

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