0004 Indera 26: Live

After much work and many murmurings and a few fast shuffles behind the curtain, I’m pleased to announce that one of the projects on which I’ve been working for the last four months is finally live! Everyone, take a minute and go check out Prismatic Media!

Zilliards of kudos to Moment, who tirelessly worked to get Nocona‘s archives migrated to their new site and who designed the logo for Prismatic. Hojillions of kudos to Jessie both for successfully translating my mad babblings about site design into something that looks really awesome, and for helping me troubleshoot a couple of really nasty Unicode conversion issues. Finally, squillions of kudos to Cube, for having the idea in the first place, and for helping get the server in place to make this happen, as as well for convincing Corasyn to help shill for us!

It is        to introduce the weasel to more people. It is        to tell more people about the weasel. =@.@=

I also want to pause, just for a bit, and give special gratitude to both Jessie and Cube for their tireless—and too-often thankless—buni-management and maintenance while we’ve gotten this off the ground. They, and many others, have done quite a lot to keep th’ buni running while th’ buni has gotten the server running.

We’re a small site for now, but that just means we’ve got lots of room to grow, and plans are definitely in the works for more. More sites, more people, more weirdness! Stay tuned!

There’s no sensation to to compare with this.

2 thoughts on “0004 Indera 26: Live

  1. I was just pointing out the obvious (to me) when I mentioned this. Of course, that’s how the FIP got started too.

    I presume the Ranch is getting moved sometime, too? I’ll be happy when I don’t have to keep logging into it via Livejournal every single time I want to read an entry.

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