Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 08: Delivery (Part 1)

By pinching the handle of the wooden spoon between the bases of two knuckles, I could just keep a grip on it as I scooped up a bite of thin porridge. It still took some maneuvering to bring it to my muzzle without dropping it, a bit more to bring it back to the bowl. The gruel was still hot, and I sucked in air as I ate, panting softly as I worked my way through the bowl. In the past, I would have preferred not to burn my tongue, but the searing in my muzzle was a welcome distraction; it helped keep my mind off of the burning elsewhere. It had been hours since Aura had allowed me any peace, and what had started as a nagging tingle around high sun had long since become an ache.

I lifted my eyes to the Aura’s as I made my way through supper as quickly as I could without dropping the spoon, hoping for some sign of pleasure at my performance. The raccoon, however, sat impassively opposite me, one elbow on the table, her muzzle resting on her bunched fist. Her tail lazily curled behind her, and she picked idly at the cuff of her robe with her other claws. When she caught my gaze, she tilted her head to the side and chuckled, hollow and lacking any humor at all. “You’ve picked that up quick,” she commented, her voice dry. “Now with your paws.”

I grimaced and ducked my head. “Yes, ma’am.” I licked clean the spoon, then set it on the table. Lifting the bowl took both paws, balancing it carefully between them. I pressed my pads against the wood, shifting it back towards my wrists to make sure I had a secure hold, then brought the edge to my lips and tilted my head back. With a spoon, supper been had thin but manageable; trying to pour hot, lumpy potato gruel into my muzzle without burning myself, though, made it seem all too thick and awkward. I gingerly shook the bowl in my paws, then swallowed the first muzzleful, lowering the bowl a bit. The gruel burned my lips as I ate, but I did my best to finish the bowl.

By the time I was done, the heat between my legs was more than enough to overwhelm the lingering burn in my throat. I dropped the bowl on the table and folded my paws in my lap, my head bowed, my cheeks flushed. Pressing my paws flat against my cleft dulled the tingling, throbbing beneath them, but I did little more than fidget, shifting my paws anxiously against myself. The memories of my last attempt to resolve my own desires still lingered in my mind. On the first morning after the ritual, Aura found me whimpering and bleeding, having rubbed myself raw during the night without a shred of relief. It took her three days to treat the sores, made worse by my ongoing attempts to relieve my arousal. By the second evening, she’d tied my wrists to the foot of her bed to keep my paws away from myself, and I still spent that night squirming, silently begging for the release I couldn’t give myself.

Aura watched me shift in my chair, then chuckled and stood, adjusting her robe as she did so. She grabbed my dinner bowl, then walked towards the counter with it, calling back over her shoulder. “On the floor with you!” As I scrambled to comply, I heard the rustling of cloth and the rattling of glass, and then her hindfalls as she approached again. “Good. A bit of dessert for you.” She set the bowl down on the floor in front of me, revealing a pawful of dried fruit drizzled with some kind of glaze. “Finish that, without your paws, and I’ll be back for you in a bit.” Then she was gone, squeezing out of the door and disappearing up the stairs.

I whined to myself, knees pressed together. “Yes, ma’am,” I mumbled. My ears flushed with embarrassment and flattened against my head, but I lowered my muzzle to the bowl anyway. Balanced on my elbows and knees, with my rump in the air, I wondered what others would think of me if they saw me. Not even a slave at this point, Taneh, I told myself as I pulled a ring of apricot from the bowl. You’re just an animal, eating out of a bowl on the floor like any other pet. The thoughts made the burning that much brighter, and I whimpered, grinding my thighs against each other. The thoughts came unbidden, ever since I had arrived at Aura’s. Was I like this before I had arrived? Had I simply never realized? Did it matter?

I did my best to focus on nosing through the slices of fruit. Whatever syrup she had used tasted of hibiscus and honey, and it was the first sweet I’d had since I arrived, and so I was eager to enjoy as much of it as I could, even though supper had been filling. I tried to put the heat in my nethers out of my mind as I ate, but my thoughts refused to be silent. This is to be your life, Taneh. One of Baron Deterikh’s housepets, if you’re lucky. Eating from the floor, sleeping at the end of his bed, and—ah! Something cool and damp brushed against my cleft, shocking me out of my self-arousal. Reflexively, I pushed back against it, trying to take it further within, but as I shifted, it withdrew, the heat returning again. I whined, spreading my knees and arching my back.

“Eager little thing, aren’t you?” Aura’s voice teased from behind me, her paw suddenly on the small of my back. I’d been so engrossed in the treat and the need that I hadn’t even registered her return. “Have you been good? Think you deserve a little relief?” That cool touch returned, rubbing slowly along my lips, brushing past the sensitive pearl of flesh between.

I whined again and nodded, trying to raise my tail further, to expose myself to her. I started to beg, then caught myself and just started to whimper in the back of my throat. The flood of heat within me seemed all the worse for that touch of relief, now withdrawn.

Aura laughed. “Begging for it, even. Dion will be pleased; hopefully the baron…” She paused, then chuckled drily. “If the rumors have any hint of truth, then no doubt he’ll approve. Hold.” I tried to stop moving, but as the cool shaft pressed itself back inside of me once more, I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my muzzle. I caught it as soon as I could, but the sage only laughed. “I wouldn’t beat a dray for neighing; why should I punish you? You’re a good pet, aren’t you?” I nodded again, and the shaft pushed further inside, stretching my tunnel, the chill running down its length stilling and stoking the fire inside me. “Of course you are,” she soothed as she started to withdraw it again. “Well-behaved and well-trained.”

The words did as much as the touch to incite my nethers. I tried to push back again, to take more of the shaft inside me, but the raccoon’s paw at my rump held me in place. With teasing slowness, Aura withdrew the shaft, then pressed it back inside me once more. “That’s it, little one,” she crooned, her words somewhere between soothing and cruel, fueling the need without sating it, reminding me of everything that had happened and making me all the more aroused for it. “You’re just an animal now, just someone’s pampered pet, being given a little treat.” Her rhythm increased, a new form of heat, urgent and insistent, spreading out from my sex as she began to thrust the slick rod over and over into me.

This time, when I bucked back against the shaft being driven into me, Aura made no attempt to hold me. I rocked on my knees, pressing back with my paws, head thrown back in bliss. Warmth spread through me, rippling up from my sex in wave after wave as I took the thick, slick intrusion. I moaned, shaking, tensing down against it as she withdrew and then relaxing as she slid it back inside. I shuddered, whimpering in time with the motions, each cycle of in and out, tense and relax, sending me that much closer to release. Through it all, the sage kept up her steady stream of words, a chant of a very different sort, filling my mind with thoughts of what I’d been, what I’d become… and how much I enjoyed it.

When the release finally came, it was a shock, like a sudden swell of pressure inside of me, a lightning flash of need that suddenly shot down my spine. I hadn’t even been expecting it; I’d become so lost in the moment, the sensation and the awareness of my own actions that I cried out, throwing back my head and jerking forward, arching sharply. I shook frantically, my whole body quivering, gasping for breath as that same flood of arousal washed over me. I panted, tense from eartip to toe, for several seconds, before sagging down onto my paws once more, muzzle back in the half-eaten bowl of fruit, surrounded by the scents of honey and my own nectar.

“Aw, good little pet,” Aura crooned, making me flush. She slid the shaft—a glass rod slightly thicker and longer than Mister Dion had been—and held it up for me to see, slick with my juices. “Did the baron’s new plaything have a good time?”

I nodded again, my cheeks burning. The need had, at least for the moment, been sated within me, leaving only a deep sense of embarrassment that bordered at once on shame and joy. This wasn’t the first time in the last week that the sage had done that for me, but it was the first she had been so blatant about my status, so specific in word and in action. Before, I’d been her student, learning how to use the body she’d crafted. In only a few minutes, I’d become less than her slave. It was humiliating… and yet, it had only stoked the fires inside to consider. Even just thinking about it sent an echo of that tingle through my nethers.

Aura chuckled, then clipped a lead to my collar and lifted the bowl with her other paw. “Good. Then let’s get you outside. One good night’s sleep on the ground should do you some good, and then in the morning we’ll be on our way to your new home.”

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