Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 20: Void (Part 3)

Mister Dagos bowed as he swung open the door to my master’s and Mister Valentin’s room. “I apologize in advance for the quarters; we weren’t expecting dignitaries.” Beyond, a witchlight by the door revealed a room fully half the size of Baron Jazinsk’s quarters. Couches lined the walls, with a few smaller tables scattered among them. A door in the back wall led from this small parlor presumably to the bedroom, with a cot set beside it covered in quilts. “It was the best I could arrange on short notice.”

“I’m sure it will be fine,” my master demurred as he stepped inside, looking around. “Valentin, you’ll be comfortable with that?”

The Deterikh sergeant-at-arms shrugged. “I can sleep anywhere.” He strode over to the cot, then waved a paw towards the inner door. “Get a look at your room; if you’re not going to rest, tomorrow’s going to be miserable.”

My master nodded, then pushed open the door between the two chambers. Beyond, a few straggling rays of sun gave a pinkish tint to the glow of the witchlight on the nightstand. The bed that dominated the room, an ornately-carved four-poster, could easily have slept both my past and present owners, and a smaller straw mattress sat at its end. In the corner of the room, in an open wardrobe, my master’s uniform hung, the jacket and pants freshly washed. My master’s mace and spear stood against its side, and his knife sat at the bottom, still in its sheath.

With a grimace, my master walked past the bed to stand before the wardrobe. One trembling paw took the sleeve of the jacket, and then he clenched his fist tightly around it and bowed his head. “I didn’t—” The words were a whisper, dragged out of him before he could stop himself, then cut short before he could give voice to the thought.

Mister Valentin’s head poked into the doorway. “Something wrong?”

My master’s head snapped around. “No, just saying I wasn’t expecting to see this again.” He favored his sergeant with a smile, but his ears lay flat against his head. “It’ll be fine.”

Mister Dagos flicked an ear, scowling from the doorway. “If there’s a problem, Baron, I’m sure I could—”

“It’s fine, Dagos,” my master sighed. “Your hospitality has never faltered, even in prison.”

At that, the two sergeants turned to each other. Something silently passed between them, and then Mister Valentin shook his head subtly, little more than twitch of his whiskers. Mister Dagos replied with a faint roll of his shoulders that might have been a shrug, and then the Jazinski sergeant turned to my master. “With your leave,” he said, then exited the room without another word, pulling the outer door closed behind him.

Mister Valentin followed his Jazinski counterpart, only turning his attention back to my master once the door was closed. “Listen, Erik, for someone trying to rebuild relationships, you’re not exactly endearing yourself.”

My master sighed and dropped onto the overstuffed mattress, then motioned for me to sit at his hinds. “I know,” he grumbled. “I was just… caught short. I shouldn’t have snapped.”

Mister Valentin chuckled. “You’re going to have to watch that temper.” He held up a paw to forestall my master’s protest. “We’ll talk about it later. Dawn’s going to come all too early. Will you be able to sleep on that?”

“I’ll be fine,” my master repeated. “Just let me get some sleep, okay? This hasn’t been a quiet week for me.”

“It hasn’t for any of us,” Mister Valentin replied. “Sleep well, and try to sleep soon, if you can. Good night, Erik.” Then he pulled the door closed behind him, the latch clicking into place.

My master sat silently for a few seconds, then fell back against the bed with a groan. “With friends like that….” He didn’t finish the thought, his voice fading. A few moments later, he spoke again, without having moved. “Pet?”

I lifted my head at the question. “Yes, master?”

Silence lingered after my question, until my master sat up again. “I….” He drew in a sharp breath, then let it out and put a paw on my shoulder. “I’m sorry. For what I did. I… wasn’t in control of myself. I hurt you. Badly.”

I smiled in response. “You don’t have to apologize to me, but you’re forgiven.” I paused a brief moment, then put one of my paws over his. “Erik.”

The baron chuckled nervously at that. “Okay, I deserved that, I suppose, but we’re even now.” He slid off of the bed. “Help me out of this, will you?”

I rose as he did, my smile still fixed on my muzzle. “We are even, yes.” Then I slid his paw from my shoulder, catching his gaze with mine. “Aren’t we, Erik?”

My master’s blue eyes went wide as he stared back into mine, and his ears fell flat against his head. We held each other’s gaze for a second, until he snapped his head to the side. “Now you’re just being insubordinate,” Erik protested as he turned away. “I thought you were supposed to be my slave, not Valentin’s.”

I shook my head and stepped forward. “I am your slave, and that means I can serve you best by giving you what you need.” I lay my paw gently on his shoulder. “When you said what you did this afternoon… I saw the look you gave me.”

Erik froze, his tail bristling behind him. “What of it? I was giving a few kind words to—”

I reached around the young baron and pressed the edge of one paw across his muzzle. “You weren’t just relieving me of a burden, were you?” I asked, pressing myself against his back. The heat of his body against mine made my cleft burn with need, but I forced those thoughts to the side. “You were wishing someone would do that for you.”

Erik stayed quiet for several seconds after I removed my paw. “So, you figured it out.”

I nodded. “I suspected after I saw you in court, but that small kindness confirmed it for me. So, it’s my turn to ease your burdens.”

“I can’t,” Erik hissed as he lurched forward, jerking himself out of my arms and slamming his paws into the overstuffed bed. “I can’t let you! I can’t let myself stop being baron! I tried! You and Valentin and Aura, you came all the way out here to drag me back! I—”

I stepped forward and put one paw against his muzzle again, shushing him softly as I wiped at his eyes with the heel of the other. “No, you can’t stop being baron, but when it’s just you and I… well, you can let me help you forget for a while, can’t you? They gave me to you to ease the pains of leadership. Isn’t that what I’m doing?” Erik drew in a ragged breath and nodded, and I slid my arms around his shoulders and held him. “Out there, yes, you’ll be Baron Deterikh, but in here… nothing says you can’t be my pet.”

Erik shivered at the word, and then his arms went around me, and pulled me tightly to him. The first sob that broke his chest sent a shudder down his spine, but he muffled his cries against my shoulder, pressing his muzzle into my fur. I held him as he wore himself out against me, one paw running soothingly down his back, the other held around his waist, rocking him gently as he dripped tears down his muzzle and into my fur.

When his tears finally stilled and he began to cough, I wiped again at his eyes, then gently turned him to face me. “Feeling better?” He nodded weakly, then snorted again. I gently helped him out of his oversized shirt, then wiped at his muzzle with it. “You’ll have better to wear tomorrow,” I said gently, “but that’s to worry about later. Tonight….” I took a deep breath, then let it out and put as much force into my voice as I could. “Strip, pet, and up on the bed with you.”

Erik whimpered. “Yes… master.” The word was a prayer, scarcely believed and quietly hopeful. His trembling fingers fumbled with the rope belt holding up his pants, then awkwardly tugged them past his wagging tail to reveal a shaft already hard and free of its sheath, its tip dripping with excitement. He kicked to free his legs, then jumped onto the bed and balanced on his shins, resting his paws on his knees as he had seen me do so many times before. “Like this?”

I smiled. “Like that, pet.” I rubbed a paw slowly down his back, tracing along his spine, then around beneath his tail to caress its underside, which drew a quiet moan from Erik’s muzzle. When I slapped his rump, it was barely with any force at all, but he still yelped and the fur of his tail stuck straight out. “Very nice,” I murmured as I patted the spot I had just struck, making him whimper. “Forward, pet, onto all fours.”

Erik fell forward onto his paws and knees, and I walked around to the side of the bed and slid into it, sitting with my back to the wall. “Now, pet,” I whispered as I cupped his muzzle in my paws. “I want you to tell me who owns you.”

“You do, master,” he whispered, his voice cracking.

“Good boy.” I moved one paw to the top of his head and stroked it down his neck. “Good pet.” The ache within me had become a raging inferno, need searing me from the inside, but I still took my time, hoping to make the moment last. “You’re eager to please your master, aren’t you?” He nodded vigorously at that, and I smiled, then spread my legs to him, exposing my cleft. “Forward, pet, and lick. Carefully.”

Erik dove for my sex like a moth to that flame, his tongue hungrily diving into my depths as if drawn to them. I had to bite my tongue to still the cry that came to my throat as he lapped at me, and then to push back with my paws to pull him out of me. “Not so fast!” I hissed. “Slowly. Tenderly. Savor it, pet.”

Erik whimpered, but he did his best to comply, tongue slowly sweeping along my cleft, gliding over my sensitive flesh. The fires inside me raged as he stoked them with his muzzle, but I focused on water within to keep myself calm. “Good pet, nice and slow. Eager but obedient.” I stroked the scruff of his neck as he lapped at my need, my breath hastening despite my efforts. “Between the folds, in their depths, that little bit of flesh,” I directed, as the slaver had taught me so many months ago. “Don’t touch it directly, but the skin around it….”

Every inch of my skin burned as his tongue flicked over the indicated area. Despite my efforts, I could feel my need rising, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back for long. Even the occasional brush against my nubbin only served to flare my arousal, and soon all I could do was to press my paws against the back of his head, holding him to my sex as he dragged me closer and closer to climax. My breath felt hot as it left me, each gasp feeling like it could be my last. His flesh seared me where he touched, and I shook beneath his attentions as he inflamed my passions.

When my release hit, it was with the force of a lightning strike, a burst of heat and light within that overwhelmed my senses. For a moment, I felt as if I’d been struck blind and rapturous, every fiber of my being alight with pleasure. I shook against Erik’s muzzle, my wordless cry rising back to the heavens as I rode out my release, smaller shocks flashing through me. My skin glowed with pleasure, and I slumped back against the bed, gently pushing Erik’s muzzle away. “Enough, enough,” I panted, groaning as I struggled to sit up.

Wordlessly, Erik fell against me, awkwardly trying to wrap his arms around me. “Thank you,” he whispered, pressing his muzzle to my shoulder. “Thank you… master.”

“It’s alright, pet,” I soothed, hugging him gently. “You did very well for your first time. You’re unskilled, but I think you’ll learn quickly.”

Erik’s ears flushed with the correction, but his shaft spasmed against my leg. “I’m sorry, master.”

I kissed the top of his head. “No need to apologize, pet. You’re only just starting.” I glanced towards the end of the bed. “By all rights, I should send you down there, but seeing as we’ve a long day ahead of us, I think you need all the rest you can get.” I patted the mattress beside me. “Pull back the comforter, and let’s get some sleep.”

Erik whined softly, muzzle pressed to my shoulder. “I don’t know if I can. I’m so tense.”

I giggled quietly in response and trailed a paw down his front, pressing my palm against his shaft. He hissed at the touch and it shuddered at my touch. “Whose decision is it if you get any release tonight, pet?”

“Yours!” Erik gasped, tensing with every caress, a soft whimper escaping him with every panting breath. “Yours, master.”

“Good pet,” I whispered, kissing his cheek. “I won’t normally be so generous, but you need sleep for tomorrow.” With one arm under his head, I rippled my stubby digits over his sheath and shaft with the other, cradling him to my chest as I pleasured him. It didn’t take long for him to start bucking his hips against my paw, and soon his whole body shook as he peaked, covering my paw and thighs with his desire.

I held him until the last of his shivering subsided, then kissed the top of his head. “Grab your pants; let’s clean this up.” Erik complied quietly, and soon after the soiled linens fell to the floor as we slid under the comforter. I giggled at the thought of Mister Dagos finding the remnants of our night, wondering if he would realize what had transpired. “Better?”

Erik’s beatific smile lit up the room, and he nodded dreamily. “Thank you, master.” He turned and draped the cover over the witchlight, sending the room into twilight, then snuggled up against my side. I pressed my muzzle gently to his, and then the two of us drifted to sleep in each others’ arms.

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