(Pen) Disconnection

Some small number of you may have noticed that Bonds didn’t go up on time this morning. I’m actually rather sorry about that, but suffice it to say that a lot has happened over the last week. I’m not at liberty to discuss everything because, for once, it isn’t my story, but I can say that my personal internet access is presently unreliable. Since I do all my writing on my laptop, if I can’t get the laptop online than I can’t post new parts of Bonds, or anything else.

To be fair, I could have had something in place in case this happened, and I had some idea that this was coming, but I honestly thought as I lay in bed on Monday night that I’d have everything I need on time, and things fell apart. To everyone who was expecting to see something in their feeds for this morning, my apologies. It hopefully won’t happen again. It may, but it won’t be for the same reasons that this slip did.