(Pen) Closure

With today’s post, I can say that Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold is complete in its rough form. There exists one more segment which will only appear in the printed work, and of course between today and release I have a ton of editing to accomplish, but I can say that, at one-hundred-thirteen thousand words, today marks the last chapter of my longest and frankly my best work to date.

I have next week’s post complete, but after that… I’m thinking that it’s probably time that I accepted a break on the Nail at least for a few months. I had a breakthrough last night in terms of the next writing project, and I definitely want to get it started, but I also would like to work up a backlog if I can manage it. I’m about halfway through finalizing the plot structure, making a few last-minute decisions on how to unfold things. I should have the first part written in time to keep any gaps from forming! We’ll see.