(Pen) Spent

This one is going to be a little awkward, but it’s actually good news, really.

I announced a few months ago that I was going to put the Nail on a three-month hiatus in order to develop new backlog and new novels and new content. That plan was going really well, and I had a new novel plotted out and fully outlined and everything. All I needed to do was sit down and start writing, and I was sure I’d have two full months of archives built up by the time I was ready to go live.

Then, (un)fortunately, Jessie pointed out this little competition that was happening on Labor Day weekend, and what do you know, I have this really snazzy novel outline all set up and ready. So… I wrote it. All of it. Over three days. Yes, I am crazy. That is not the bad part.

The bad part is that the contest rules state that I can’t release it or any part of it in any form until after the judging is finished. Again, that should be some time in October, but it probably won’t be before my self-imposed three-month deadline. So, I don’t presently have any publishable work to show for the time. Not to say I have nothing to show, but I can’t show you what I have. Yet.

“Oh, no problems, Kristy!” I hear some of you saying. “You’ve still got a month left! Surely you can generate at least a few things by then!” And you’d probably be right… only I don’t really have “a month.” I have four weekends and four Monday-night writing sessions. I spent last weekend on a train, and will be spending next weekend out among the friendly forest critters. So, really, I have this weekend, two weekends hence, and one after that.

Three weekends to come up with a novel outline and get writing. No pressure. I may have to extend my outage window, but if I do, at that point I’ll be able to at least say when I’ll be able to start sharing Only Human with everyone.

I wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to stay.