Notes from the Observatory: Hiatus

Updated 2011-10-24

My apologies, folks, but I’m extending the hiatus another two months. I have the novel plotted, but I still have exactly one night a week on which to write, I have five weeks to edit Bonds in order to have it out by FC, and I still have no backlog. Plus, in two weeks, I know I’m going to begin spending a large amount of time preparing for Bandaza—the local equivalent of Thanksgiving—and that’s going to go on through the end of next month.

So, let’s call “first week of December” the official return, and the last two posts a teaser for what’s coming. Sorry for the confusion and delay.

Into every author’s life, a little block must fall.

More accurately, I’m in the middle of trying to plot novel number four, edit novel number three, and rebuild my backlog so I can provide regular and timely updates when I do get going again. On top of this, in the last three months, one of my mates has had surgery and the other has just moved cross-country and is about to start a new job. Things have been a little hectic around the Observatory, as a result, and I just haven’t had the time to keep up the backlog that I would like. That is, I’m out of backlog.

With this in mind, I’m officially placing the Nail on hiatus until October 11, 2011. That’s three months—twelve weeks—during which to get things ready and plan ahead for the next batch of literary goodness. However, in that interim time, I’d like to ask my readers a few things, if you’re all interested.

What am I doing right?
What have you read here that you’ve really enjoyed, and why? What do you think stands out in my writing?
What am I doing wrong?
Where am I failing? What nuances am I still failing to capture? Where do you think I could stand to improve?
How do you feel about reruns?
Some sites run older content as filler material during their outages; are folks going to be offended or intrested if I were to rerun some of the older works during this gap?
How do you feel about book reviews?
One of my desired goals in the next few months is to start actually reading what other people contribute, since reading is a large part of learning how to write. Would people be interested in reading what I have to say about other written works that I’ve been consuming?
Do you have any other suggestions?
Has anybody felt like saying anything here but simply not had the time or comfort? I’m soliciting feedback; it’s the perfect time to share!

In the meantime, tell me what interests you, tell me what makes you think, tell me about you, so I can get a feel for my audience! I’ll do my best to keep this gap as short as possible for everybody.

Tomorrow does not exist. Twenty tomorrows is a long time.