Notes from the Observatory: Bonds ready for pre-order!

The time has come! Callou callay! My third novel, Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold, is now available for pre-order and will be released at Further Confusion 2012.

Many thanks to Turbine Divinity for awesome cover art, Jessie for beautiful layout and design, Kincaid for exemplary editing and endless rounds of polish, and Fuzzwolf and Teiran for running such a great shop! And of course to all my readers who followed along! You’re all about to see the final product, and to see the super-special epilogue to the book that wasn’t on the website. That’s right! Bonus material for you if you buy the hardcopy! What a deal!

Word is still out on 3-Day’s impressions of Only Human, and Beyond the Wall is still struggling to cohere beyond some clever visualizations, but I think I may actually have a line on my next full novel. Shock and horror, it might not be furry. It will, however, have shapeshifters, because who doesn’t like shapeshifters? Nobody, that’s who.