The Mythmaker’s Prayer

I am the story I tell myself.
My words are dialogue, my actions engagement.
I am my characters, my world the setting, my life the plot.
Let these be my only constraints.
As I give word to idea and action to thought, may I remember the tales I wish to tell.
When I can, let me be the hero that I want to see in the world.
When I need, let me be the ally that will help others most.
When I must, let me be the villain that can face the world unafraid.
May my ideas inspire hope in the hopeless.
May my words give voice to the voiceless.
May my deeds lend power to the powerless.
Let me weave my stories — real and imagined, written and lived — into the brightest displays.
As I drew upon the works of others, so should I empower others to seek inspiration from mine.
For we are the tales we tell each other.
Our stories are a tapestry, narrative skeins interwoven,
Plot hooks hopelessly entangled.
As it was once upon a time,
So it will be ever after.
We make real what was once just a dream.

The Work Continues.