De Magia 21: The Realm of Theory

No spell, once cast, is actually the equal of its ideal self. On paper, all spells exist in a state of unparalleled optimism. Having never been cast, one tends to speak only of what they could accomplish, of what they might be capable. One thinks of their possible performance, their theoretical potential. Absent any real […]

De Magia 20: The Curse of Not Being Good Enough

No matter the heights one attains with magic, some spells will forever remain beyond one’s grasp. On its face, it seems a comforting platitude that the unaccomplished tell themselves to salve their consciences. Of course some level of skill remains beyond the grasp of even the wisest and the most talented. Magosophy requires the creativity […]

De Magia 19: The Curse of Being Good Enough

There is never enough time to do everything right. It is said of the great artists that they never truly finish their work, that they merely reach the point at which they are comfortable with abandoning them. So too is it with mages and our craft. There is no such thing as the spell which […]

De Magia 18: That Which is Required

Before one can solve any problem, one must first know the problem exists. Magic is powerful. It can be used to do many things. With time and resources, a mage can divine the weather, heal the sick, and cross vast distances in the blink of an eye. With the right inspiration, a gifted enough practitioner—or […]

De Magia 17: That Which Is Desired

The spell that is never cast is not the solution to any problem. One might be surprised to discover that this concept meets with great resistance in magosophy, and among spellcrafters in general. Surely, it is said, the question of whether or not a particular spell may address a given need remains wholly separate from […]