De Magia 16: Past Imperfect

Contrary to popular wisdom, it is quite possible to do everything right and to still suffer defeat. Eventually, if one remains in the profession of magic long enough, one will be asked to solve a problem beyond one’s means. Rarely is this any fault of one’s own; most mages are all too aware of the […]

De Magia 15: Cut From the Same Cloth

The only time one can know if one has made a good decision is long after one has actually made it. Not knowing the future is inconvenient for dragons and those who work for them. Unless one happens to have a hoard the size of Bridgeport and has little care for how long it remains […]

De Magia 14: Temporary Solutions

Two easy reasons exist why a mage might opt for mercenary labor: no charter can afford them, or no charter will have them. Almost every mage dreams at least once of becoming the former, a wizard of such stature that dragons themselves will seek their council. These celebrities of epistemic magosophy are so sought-after that […]

De Magia 13: Too Many Mages

One cannot cast a spell in half the time by doubling the number of mages casting it. Whether the turning of the seasons or the training of apprentices, some activities simply take as long as they take. They answer not to the timetables of archwizard or councilor, keeping a schedule as ancient and inscrutable as […]

De Magia 12: The Apprentice Effect

In almost any field of endeavor, a journeyman and an apprentice will take more time to complete a task than a journeyman working alone. This is rarely the direct fault of the apprentice, and so many of my colleagues have said otherwise that I feel it important to call attention to this fact. It is […]