Short Story: The Fruit of our Labor

“Gran?” The voice was Wisteria’s, still thin but on the cusp of full bloom. Violet petals crowned the young rabbit’s head in a wreath, and a single vine curled around her waist. She had one of her bracelets in her paws, fidgeting with it while she stood in the doorway, her ears flat against her […]

WIP: Custom

The only English on the sign above the door said, Abeth Xiu: Universal Finery. The Mandarin below was more expressive: custom clothing for any personal style. In the lighted window, yards of pearlescent fabric the color of eggshell draped gracefully off of one impossibly tall and thin mannequin. Beside it, its grotesquely bulky counterpart stood […]


The ice in my glass had long since melted, but I took a sip of lukewarm water anyway and quietly wished it were something stronger. “You can always spot the one who’s lying,” Beth had said to me right before I’d walked out on stage. “He’s the one who sweats the most.” Great advice from […]