Five Years and Change

With the cooler running at full bore, my office was almost livable. The patch of desk closest to the window was hot to the touch, and Uluru shimmered in the distance outside, but I could actually sit still as long as I kept the air vents aimed directly at my chair. Even with that, though, […]

The Testament of Bernard Ramsey

The following is offered as testimony by one Bernard Ramsey, currently on trial for the murder of Jameson Walden and the disappearance of his son, Seth. Mr. Ramsey dictated the following to an officer of the courts on the twenty-seventh of January, nineteen-hundred-twelve. My name is Bernard Ramsey, and I am not insane. I know […]


I know that, to every appearance, I killed Michelle Andrews in cold blood. My fingerprints are on her purse, my dandruff on her dress. Forty people witnessed me whispering to her in the middle of a crowded restaurant not fifteen minutes before she dropped dead of a heart attack. She was registered as a Passive-2, […]


I hate conventions. If you’ve ever gone to one, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. I’m not real to them. I don’t exist. Well, I do, and that’s why I’m there. They all want to see me, touch me, assure themselves that I’m some physical thing, but that’s the point at which my interest for them fades. I’m […]


Naka pushed back the leather flap guarding the entrance her hut in hopes of greeting the sun, but only snow and the faintly acrid scent of long-dead fires met her in return. She lowered her eyes to the ground and shook her head; she knew, even without asking the winds or the trees, that the hunts had gone […]