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Beautiful World, by Kristina Tracer Beautiful World

Reality redefined in a virtual universe of possibility…
Living people given digital existence in a corporate-owned world…
Love, art, sex, and revolution are online and in the air…
A new form of deadly sabotage could tear it all down…
The deadline nears and deletion is at hand…

Cover art by K. Pease
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Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold, by Kristina Tracer Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold

When an envoy from a neighboring barony buys Stannis of Jasinsk as a plaything for his head of state, the young rabbit is thrust into the middle of a fragile peace, with his arrival at the Deterikh court threatening to upset that delicate balance. With war drums beating on the horizon, can a lowly pleasure-slave manipulate his new owner into preserving peace? Can Stannis resist the call of freedom to stop a war?

Cover art by Turbine Divinity
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Child of Man, by Kristina Tracer Child of Man

Alex dreams of being more than human.
Shadowdance sometimes remembers he is more than wolf.
Briar wishes she could be nothing more than rabbit.
Watcher looks after those who tread these lines.
When an industrial accident threatens the life of a Child of Nature, a group of survivors must ask a Child of Man to risk death to save him.

Cover art by Chaya Ascher


Arcana: A Tarot Anthology, edited by Madison Scott-Clary Arcana: A Tarot Anthology

Included in this anthology are twenty-two works of furry fiction by authors within the fandom, including Kyell Gold, Mary E. Lowd, Chris Williams, and many others. Come with us and divine the meaning of all things from within Arcana. Cover art by Joseph Chu, used with permission from Madison Scott-Clary, editor.

CLAW Volume 1

Thirteen authors have come together to create this collection of hot tales that show what happens when the ladies take the center stage. They’ve come to turn a few heads while strutting their stuff and throwing caution to the wind. Edited by K.C. Alpinus, Cover art by Teagan Gavet


As Above, So Below: Modern Alchemical Cartomancy, by Kristina Tracer As Above, So Below: Modern Alchemical Cartomancy

One of the core principles of alchemy is the concept of “as above, so below”. This is a shorthand for the idea that the astrological and alchemical – the macrocosmic and microcosmic – worlds can and do touch one another. Modern Alchemical Cartomancy is a divination deck exploring seven journeys of spiritual transformation for use in finding one’s place in the universe.


The Entoptic Key The Entoptic Key

I’ve mentioned before that Electric Keet is an artist in many fields; this is one of them. The Entoptic Key is a joint project between she and I to produce designs to amuse, bemuse, confuse, and delight. Put them on your body and in your head.