Other Sites

While I’ll always do my best to make sure I’m updating here as I produce work, the truth is that this isn’t always going to be the best place to find me. The internet is a big place with a lot of neat stuff, and lots of places provide specialized tools that I’m simply not going to attempt to replicate. There’s also a number of other sites that I feel it important to support because they’ve supported me throughout the years.

My Other Sites

Imagine if Twitter gave you all of the following things:

  • five-hundred characters per tweet
  • content warnings and NSFW posts
  • no corporate advertising
  • far fewer Nazis
  • a decentralized server architecture
  • active local admins that are empowered to ban assholes without obligations to meet growth targets
  • the ability to isolate servers instances with a high percentage of bad actors
  • code development funded via Patreon

Now ask yourself why you’re still on Twitter. Become with us

As a storyteller, I work in many media. Music has the power to move us, to transform us, to bring us from the depths of despair to the heights of bliss. A mix is a story, an incantation, a tale told in song. I also use music in my magical work, helping establish set and setting.
The Entoptic Key is a joint project between Electric Keet and I to produce design that should be eye-catching, thought-provoking, and possibly mind-altering. Hopefully at least in a few areas, we succeed. Some designs relevant to the stories I write will end up here. Others are simply beautiful art in their own right.

Other Support

The following sites are in alphabetical order for my own convenience.

Bad Dog Books
The e-book and digital comic imprint for my publisher! If you’re looking for my works in a portable format, this is the place to find them.
The Cóyotl Awards
If the Ursa Major Awards were meant to be the Furry Hugos, then the Cóyotls were intended to be the Furry Writers Guild’s Nebulas. They’re the award that the furry writing community offers its own for excellence in anthropomorphic literature, and I don’t mind bragging that I ran them for two years.
Electric Keet
There aren’t words enough for me to say what Keet means to me, other than she’s my mate and my wife and my best friend. She’s an artist in more media than I am and the world is more vivid for her presence within it.
If you’ve enjoyed any of my works, you should seriously consider going and checking out my publisher’s other works. FurPlanet’s one of the two big furry imprints for novels, and they’re run by an amazing team.
The Furry Writers Guild
If you’re a writer and you’re in the furry fandom, then the FWG is interested in hearing from you. We’re always looking for more members, and we’re glad to offer support and advice to help each other grow.
The Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat
Modeled after writing intensives like Clarion West, RAWR is an annual week-long intensive for writers in the fandom, taught by other writers.