Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 20: Void (Part 3)

Mister Dagos bowed as he swung open the door to my master’s and Mister Valentin’s room. “I apologize in advance for the quarters; we weren’t expecting dignitaries.” Beyond, a witchlight by the door revealed a room fully half the size of Baron Jazinsk’s quarters. Couches lined the walls, with a few smaller tables scattered among […]

Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 18: Display (Part 1)

As afternoon stretched into evening, I found myself wishing more and more that my owner would come for me. Meeting Denes had left me torn. Heartened as I’d been to hear his voice, his eagerness over my master’s trial had churned up the fear that sat in the pit of my stomach. Miss Aura’s exchange […]

Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 16: Referral (Part 1)

True to her word, within an hour of leaving Miss Aura’s manor, I caught the distinctive earthy scent of arousal wafting off of my master, undercut with the spicy tang of ginseng. I glanced upwards to see his jaw clenched in concentration, and he gripped the seat cushion tightly in his paws. The scent, heavy […]

Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 15: Remittance (Part 2)

Rain and woodsmoke filled my senses again as I shuffled after Miss Aura into her workshop. “Lie down, pet. In the circle, arms at your sides, paws flat on the floor, all four of them.” I lay as the sage directed, staring up into the rafters, pressing my paws into the wood beneath me. As […]

Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold 14: Warranty (Part 1)

Mister Valentin’s grip on my chains never faltered as he walked, pulling me hastily along. He strode down the stone corridors towards the kitchens, his ears flat against his head and his other paw gripping his spear, white-knuckled. Not once did he look back at me; he kept his muzzle rigidly forward, as if trying […]