0003 Ertera 03: Bandaza Madness!

It’s Bandaza time again here at the Lapinian Embassy; most folks would call it Thanksgiving, but we know it as the Days of Plenty, a three-day celebration of charity. The holiday actually started in its current form over a dozen years or so ago, now, actually. It wasn’t uncommon among my friends in Texas to […]

0002 Indera 21: Holidays

Joyous Athamara to everyone! I know sending out seasons’ greetings after the holiday is over is usually a bit tacky, but this year things got so hectic, I totally forgot to say something in advance. I didn’t even get to hang up any paper chains, and my gifts for folks really were slapdash at best. […]

It is, as of today, fifteen days to closing on our new house. I’m trying very hard not to freak out over this. It’s an incredibly possitive thing, but I can’t help but feel some nervousness about the whole affair. If an apartment sucks, you can move into a new one. If a house sucks, it’s a lot […]

Thanksgiving is supposed to be the holiday on which we give thanks—hence its name—to that which makes our lives better. In that sense, I can get a heck of a lot more into Thanksgiving than I can into Christmas, or most anyother holiday. I like the idea of celebrating people’s birthdays, as a sign of respect, but that’s […]