RAWR Review

For those who’ve been following the saga on Mastodon, you’ll have gotten to watch the sausage being made. Hopefully none of this is too repetitive. I just spent the last week down in South Lake Tahoe at RAWR. For those who’ve heard of Clarion, the easiest way to explain it is “a one-week mini-Clarion aimed […]

Ritual: Venusian Dreams

The ritual began as so many rituals began: with a wish. “I wish I felt more like I was a part of things.” That’s the kind of lament that, coming from someone I would consider so integral to the local community as I do, makes the part of my head that I’ve long since learned […]


I’m autistic. This must come as such a shock to so many, really. It’s something I’ve been using as upaya for years. It really did seem to be the best explanation for a lot of what I’ve long described as “quirks” in my personality. I used to say, back when I was in college and […]


I mentioned last week that there are some difficult conversations going on at work about my ongoing status as a contractor at the new job. No less than three people, two of whom are senior managers, have said to me in the last week that they’re very hopeful that I don’t leave. One explicitly said […]