The first time that I saw the black gunk under the floorboard, I thought it was “just” rotten wood. When we first moved into Transliminal Station-β, Keet and I knew there was a list of problems. Virtually every house sale comes an inspection report, including ours. Truth is, neither of us read ours very closely […]

0004 Jevera 02: Divided

When I migrated from my old site to Blogger, I originally did so because I had a dream, at some far distant point in the future, of being able to monetize my stories, like some other authors have. It was a pipe dream, but it was still a valid dream to follow, so I went […]

0001 Lakera 22: Flushed

The universe giveth with the right hand and taketh away with the left. Last week was Athamara, the details of are not yet written, but suffice to say that this is the big Lapinian end-of-year holiday celebrating love, friendship, and togetherness. Gift exchange, group gatherings, cuddle piles, lots of expressions of happiness that other people […]