When I posted yesterday’s post-mortem, I was expecting some people to be angry. I was expecting some people to be surprised. I was expecting some people to share it with friends. I wasn’t expecting it to be the most widely distributed tract I’ve ever written. I think more people have read that post than have […]


If you haven’t heard me talk much about Foolscap, that’s remiss of me. I hate feel like I’m selling people on things, so I don’t tend to talk much about what I like. More on that in a future post, but at the moment, what matters is that I was at a con I heard […]

I suppose technically that this should be March 5th, but I’m writing it on the extreme morning of the fifth after having gotten up some time on the afternoon of the fourth, so I’m calling it the 4th for technicality’s sake. To be fair, some of my Thailand entries are properly labelled and I wrote them at all hours […]