Normally one might that a diary entry posted on the last day of the standard calendar year would be a wrap-up for the year in total, but I actually have instead a list of things about which I’d intended to talk earlier, but never managed to dedicate the time to actually saying simply because of other events that occured […]

I’ve been joking for a long time that this year’s birthday was going to be my last. I remember hearing a lot of jokes growing up about women who just stopped counting their ages after 29 and started counting years of experience instead. It feels a bit weird, to be staring thirty in the face. I realized much to […]

I wish I knew right now what I was feeling. My emotions are this tightly knotted mass of disjoint and tangled threads that all interleave into a Gordian Knot, matching the lump in my stomach that refuses to settle. Shay moved out this morning. Like when Tanya left, I didn’t get to say good-bye. I’m not sure I […]

My sister Tanya just left. Jessie had invited her over for the weekend, and I said at first I wanted her to visit, which is very true. I haven’t really gotten the chance to talk with her in nearly five months, only briefly whenshe came to pick us up at the airport and bring us home from […]