I don’t know who actually looked at the pictures when I mentioned the repairs that β needed. They weren’t pretty, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to go digging into the details. However, there are a couple of pictures I’d like to share with people, because they’re going to help set context for […]

0004 Dalera 21: Repurposing

Life is not static. Everything is change. So, the first and foremost reason for the update is to announce, formally, that Jessie and I won’t be at Anthrocon this year. Ashe will be running the writing track in my absence, for those of you who actually go to it or are interested. He ran it […]

0001 Indera 09

L.C. 0001 Indera 09 By most modern reckoning, this is the “new year”. We’ve passed some arbitrary marker that divides one period of solar revolution from another, and we’ve tied festivals and celebrations to mark the transition. Ritual is important. It helps us create and preserve meaning. It helps us forge and maintain social connections. […]

Last month—at the end of May, really—I started a new project, the Ranch on Mars. The idea was to harness some of the tricks of psychology that I’ve seen exploited at work to try to make meaningful improvements in my own life. With the first month of tracking progress behind me, I think it’s a […]

It’s a new year, and despite a lot of emotional ups and downs so far, I have to say that I suspect this time around the sun will be far preferable to the one before. Not that I have any chance to go back and revisit the previous year in any meaningful fashion, mind you. […]