0003 Kolera 16: Mobius

This past weekend, I think I sprained my brain. Kimya evening, Jessie and I loaded up supplies in the back of the Lander and headed off to the Microsoft campus for Puzzle Hunt 12. Coming home for a good night’s sleep before thirty-one hours of puzzle-solving, running all over the facilities, bad food, and sleep […]

A busy weekend, but a good one! My last day of work this week was Friday, thanks to my company relocating to a new office. The management even told us to pack up and head home at 17h00 instead of 18h00 so they could start shutting down the computers early. Now, I had to pick up my car […]

Oh, my. What to post, what to post. More to the point, where to begin. Once again, I’ve let things build up to the megapost stage, but that’s mostly because I dislike making a number of small posts throughout the day. For whatever reason, I prefer the entries that I make into this diary to be fairly substantial, so […]

I think I’m going to have to take a vow of silence regarding any issue involving my personal opinions. My fastest mechanism possible for alienating even the people I love and who love me in return seems to be voicing my viewpoint. The above statement is characteristic of the reasons why the above statement is true. I am a […]

Yay. New Millennium for real, finally, if you’re using the old-fashioned Gregorian calendar, which we all do in our daily living whether we recognize that we do it or not. Even if you use the Common Era trick, you’re still using the Gregorian calendar, just not calling it Anno Domini, “Year of our Lord”. I’ve seen a lot of […]