A few pieces of news, some good, some bad, some weird. Last week I had my first dental visit in over five years. As I had mentioned before, a part of one of my teeth broke off in my mouth the other day and it really scared me. I did a fairly good job of not showing […]

I think that the greatest hell yet inflicted upon me in the name of corporate fealty is the overnight business trip. The true hell is that there’s something vaguely glamorous about the notion of being sufficiently high on the industry food chain that not only can you or your company afford to make such a ludicrously out-of-proportion expense part […]

So, today I began a grand adventure to Atlanta, my first-ever professional business trip. I was admittedly kind of surprised when my boss told me, three weeks after starting my new job, that I would be flying down for more training. I’m even more surprised that he’s going to be sending me out to Denver some time in “second […]

Okay, now that I’m almost two weeks into my job, I figure it’s time to talk a bit about what I actually do now. I work for T-Mobile in their Application Support department, which means that when software breaks, it’s my job to fix it, or at least to look at it and figure out why, then report […]

Indeed, many things did come to pass…. I went off the diet yesterday. It seems kind of a strange thing to do, to intentionally break the good eating habits I’ve trained myself to follow that have led to the sustained and continual weight loss I’ve achieved. Deliberately going against that feels weird to me now. Most diet sodas […]