The ice in my glass had long since melted, but I took a sip of lukewarm water anyway and quietly wished it were something stronger. “You can always spot the one who’s lying,” Beth had said to me right before I’d walked out on stage. “He’s the one who sweats the most.” Great advice from […]

Beyond the Wall: Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Rachel stared at her monitor, breathing heavily. Her chair squeaked as she shifted awkwardly in her seat, pressing her knees together. The words depicting Gemini’s climax lingered on the screen in front of her, as well as in her mind and elsewhere on her body. She squinted her eyes shut, gripped the edge of her […]

Only Human

As I pushed my chair back away from my desk, my boss strode out of his office and up to my cubicle wall. Quite unnecessarily, Steven rapped lightly on the top of the office divider. “Got a minute, Rhee?” His voice was casual, but the smile on his face was clearly strained, the corners of […]