De Magia 12: The Apprentice Effect

In almost any field of endeavor, a journeyman and an apprentice will take more time to complete a task than a journeyman working alone. This is rarely the direct fault of the apprentice, and so many of my colleagues have said otherwise that I feel it important to call attention to this fact. It is […]

De Magia 11: The Proof of the Pudding

The value of a mage to a charter is not in the work one does, but in the return one delivers. As noted previously, there exists a hierarchy of overseers within any charter. Distinct from the actual work that a charter completes lies an entire realm of metawork, the effort and energy that must be […]

De Magia 10: The Victim at the Table

One can often judge the long-term value of a convocation by its attending members. Within every organization, be it an academy, a charter or the Great Council itself, there exists an unspoken hierarchy of talents. Such a ranking bears little resemblance to the rigid structure of who rules over whom. Rather, it is a living […]

De Magia 09: The Devil in the Details

In business, unlike in magosophy, the degree of specificity of one’s mission statement is in inverse proportion to the complexity of one’s goal. In matters magical, language must be specific, clear, and direct. This is not merely a matter of pedantry, nor of sophistry. The creation of spells involves placing glyphs or making gestures and […]

De Magia 08: Strategic Spellcraft

Far too many tactical answers exist for any given strategic question. Councillors deal in the strategic, the vast and broad and oft-unanswerable. Theirs is the task of determining what is to be done. Shall we continue to expand Hypatia? Shall we improve our charter hall? Shall we bless a fresh grove for future growth? These […]