I’m autistic. This must come as such a shock to so many, really. It’s something I’ve been using as upaya for years. It really did seem to be the best explanation for a lot of what I’ve long described as “quirks” in my personality. I used to say, back when I was in college and […]


I have a real love-hate relationship with social media. It’s not just “social media” in their current incarnations, though I confess I’m not a huge fan. Facebook’s privacy model is, effectively, “we don’t want you to have any.” This from the man who bought four houses close to his in order to, and I quote, […]


One of the hardest parts of writing is that stories have to feel real in a way that real life doesn’t have to match. I take public transit to work, and one of the great benefits of doing so is that it puts me in contact with a vast cross-section of people who I would […]


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’d recently picked up a copy of The Shy Writer Reborn, and I’d been putting a lot of what’s in the book to use. The revitalization of the Orrery, the return to regular long-form writing, the regular sharing of thoughts in hopes of building an audience, these are […]

0005 Melera 02: Dust

*tap* *taptap* Is this thing o—*feedback squeal*—ow. On? I guess so. I figure nine months is a new record for me, and one I really shouldn’t try to beat. Silence equals death, they say. Not the great death, the passing beyond, though in some cases that could be true. No, silence is one of the […]