I think I finally had the talk with Anji that I needed to have. That we both needed to have. This happened with my friend Mitchell, and I should’ve seen the signs. People change. It’s a fact of life. People grow and mature and evolve throughout their lives, and when you’re around people a lot, you see how they […]

Has it really been almost a month since I last updated? According to the dates, it has. I won’t say that the diary’s become a chore, but many times I’ve had the urge to update it, only to say “I’ll get to it soon enough and I’ll just post it all at once,” with the inevitable effect that […]

Today’s a vacation day for me, and after the weekend it’s a good thing. I’m going to need it. I won’t forget what happened over the last two days any time soon, and I have some wonderful permanent reminders. The trip up was unexciting by itself, but with the knowledge that I was going to […]

Well, another bout of “so much in so little time” has gone on, or so it feels. Really, not that much has happened, but it feels like a lot. First, today marks the one-month anniversary of the diary, so I suppose I should congratulate myself. Normally I would’ve burned out on this sort of thing […]

So much has happened in nine days. First, the important news: my sister is moving down. While this is an incredibly happy event, I wish the circumstances were better. Her father didn’t outright say he was throwing her out, but the gist of his statement was that she would be out of the house if she […]