0004 Byetera 12: Personal Words

Memetic infection! Caught from Paka. Ask me for five words or phrases, and I will give them to you. Then, you will tell the world what they mean. winter The season of death, with the promise of rebirth. The time of the chrysalis. The season of ice and snow; in Seattle, the season of storm. […]

0003 Pyevera 05: Lapinian

First off, a Roast Beef-esque comment: “I’m the one who sucks.” More accurately, “I’m the one who, in trying to figure out why she couldn’t get her phone to connect to her home wireless network when she should’ve been sleeping, successfully screwed up her wireless internet settings to the point that the only fix was […]

0003 Dalera 22: Censor

As some of you may know, I run an IRC server dedicated—in theory—to writers and readers of “transformation fiction,” a fancy way of dressing up various ideas such as age-regression, furry and animal transformation, sex and gender alteration, and the like all under a common banner. The history of how I ended up the administrator […]

0003 Yortera 04: Blur

First of all, happy belated Thilafa to everyone! Our cleaning came early, in the form of making Jessie’s studio a habitable space for two people again, which is all kinds of awesome. Now I can sit next to her and yell at her instead of doing it from the living room! In all seriousness, though, […]