0004 Dalera 21: Repurposing

Life is not static. Everything is change. So, the first and foremost reason for the update is to announce, formally, that Jessie and I won’t be at Anthrocon this year. Ashe will be running the writing track in my absence, for those of you who actually go to it or are interested. He ran it […]

0003 Dalera 09: Patience

Today started with a dream: It’s late, and Jessie and I and two other people are driving in the darkness. We’re lost, and we’re tired, and we need to find a place to stop for the night. We come across a manorhouse, and the servant that answers the door looks at us suspiciously and tells […]

0002 Lakera 22: Court

Whenever anybody says “court,” there is a certain set of images and expectations that evolve out of this. This is part and parcel of having a connotative language. Running strictly by the denotative sense, of course, “court” is really just a venue, a location where proceedings occur. However, far more than the strict physical locale […]

0002 Indera 21: Holidays

Joyous Athamara to everyone! I know sending out seasons’ greetings after the holiday is over is usually a bit tacky, but this year things got so hectic, I totally forgot to say something in advance. I didn’t even get to hang up any paper chains, and my gifts for folks really were slapdash at best. […]

0002 Vasera 21: Calendar

So, it’s only been two months this time. I’m improving. Sort of. The house still hasn’t sold; it’s now a year on the market, with no movement. I’ve dropped the price on it enough that I can basically throw the remnants of the mortgage onto my credit cards and max them out to cover the […]