This post has spoilers in it. I’m putting all the important stuff under a fold, but the internet is imperfect and I know I run plugins in my browser that can screw heavily with presentation; I can’t guarantee you won’t hit something you don’t want to know. No puzzle details will be revealed — I […]

0004 Yortera 07: Delivery

Wow. A week into the new year, already. Normally, I would’ve taken great pains to commemorate Thilafa, but events have not favored it. That’s a pity, really; I do what I can to mark the holidays and important events of the Lapinian Calendar. After all, if I’m not going to use my own calendar, who […]

0003 Kolera 16: Mobius

This past weekend, I think I sprained my brain. Kimya evening, Jessie and I loaded up supplies in the back of the Lander and headed off to the Microsoft campus for Puzzle Hunt 12. Coming home for a good night’s sleep before thirty-one hours of puzzle-solving, running all over the facilities, bad food, and sleep […]