I have a real love-hate relationship with social media. It’s not just “social media” in their current incarnations, though I confess I’m not a huge fan. Facebook’s privacy model is, effectively, “we don’t want you to have any.” This from the man who bought four houses close to his in order to, and I quote, […]

(Chain) Automation

Two years seems like a long time when you look at it all at once, but “tomorrow” is right around the corner. It’s when I’m going to get to everything. When I’ll update. When I’ll write that next short. When I’ll finish editing Only Human. When I’ll outline Custom, Beyond the Wall, and the latest […]

Slack happens. This morning, as I arrived at work, a woman from State Farm approached me in the parking lot and handed me a check for USD8346.48, in exchange for a signed title to the Blazer. This is over a thousand dollars more than themechanic’s estimate, and two-thousand more than what my father said the vehicle was worth. […]