For those of you who follow any sort of numerological spirituality or fetishism—not to say that the two aren’t necessarily related—today is “05-05-05” if you use the Gregorian calendar A two-digit year in your dates. For those of you who are Discordians, Alpha-Bits for breakfast, alphabet soup for lunch, Ouija board with dinner, and do whatever the messages tell you. The […]

The house in in a very Heisenburgian state at the moment. The damage is more extensive than we thought before; we found out that all but one of the radiators actually broke, and that last we’re not sure survived except that we couldn’t see any water in the carpet and the clean-upcrew couldn’t find any traces of […]

Today, I spent the day refactoring FormBot. I actually started analyzing what I would need to do yesterday, but I didn’t touch any of the code yesterday. I started this morning shortly after I got to work, and I finished some time around 15h00. In the middle, I finished up a project at work and got a second out the […]

Names hold an awesome power. I have this borderline-unhealthy fascination with names. “The name in itself is the thing in itself.” Knowing the true name of someone or something, especially if it’s important or meaningful in my life, gives me an emotional boost I can’t define or explain in any logical capacity. To know the birthnames of my friends, […]

So, igneous compounds have been observed in a localized occurance of sanguination. More succinctly, the rock bled. After all the brou-ha-ha I committed about the Evils of LiveJournal and other such neo-Luddite exhortations against my friends, to suddenly be in possession of one seems absurd. Then again, I have an account on FurryMUCK and an AIM account, too, now, […]