Nine-and-a-half months. Forty-and-a-half weeks. Two-hundred-ninety-eight days. The past. The first offer just came. It’s better than I had any right to expect. I asked them to give me a day to consider my options. They said that was fine and that they’d be awaiting my call. This morning, another recruiter from a month ago had called me […]

Today is a day of mixed emotion. Today, in Massachusetts, same-sex couples began receiving marriage certificates. Gay couples are lining up to tie the knot, and aside from a few snot-nosed punks from Westboro Baptist Church, the protests have been civil. Even the opponents have said, “what they’re doing is legal, even if it’s not moral; let them have their […]

I suppose enough time has now passed for me to talk about it, while I can still do so and have all the details fresh in my mind. I got laid off of work last Friday. I still have no real idea why, which is the really annoying part. I could handle the situation better, I think, if […]