Scratching the Itch

I could feel my heart jump in my chest when the door to 714 banged closed behind me. My palms felt slick and every breath felt deliberate, intentional. The lights inside were already on, and jasmine and rose hung in the air. I pulled the creased envelope from my pocket and slid the keycard back […]

Rule Number One

Sarah stood just inside the door, obviously waiting for me when I got home. “You’re late.” The words were out of her as soon as I stepped inside, her banded tail sweeping from side to side. She didn’t sound angry, but she clearly wasn’t pleased. The words stopped me in my tracks, one paw on […]

Tales of Irokai: Mojibake

Note from the Observatory: It’s with great pleasure that I present this piece to you. Not only is it the first bit of gift-writing that the site has seen, but it’s also been finished just in time to coincide with the release of Beautiful World this weekend at Further Confusion 2011! It’s also written by […]