I don’t know who actually looked at the pictures when I mentioned the repairs that β needed. They weren’t pretty, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to go digging into the details. However, there are a couple of pictures I’d like to share with people, because they’re going to help set context for […]

0003 Yortera 04: Blur

First of all, happy belated Thilafa to everyone! Our cleaning came early, in the form of making Jessie’s studio a habitable space for two people again, which is all kinds of awesome. Now I can sit next to her and yell at her instead of doing it from the living room! In all seriousness, though, […]

Okay, now that I’m almost two weeks into my job, I figure it’s time to talk a bit about what I actually do now. I work for T-Mobile in their Application Support department, which means that when software breaks, it’s my job to fix it, or at least to look at it and figure out why, then report […]

So, I’m in the process of putting my life back together after nine months of unemployment and the insanity that has ensued since then. I called my credit card company—well, the one I hope to keep—and explained to them that I was recently employed and that as soon as I got my first paycheck they were getting everything in […]

Today, I spent the day refactoring FormBot. I actually started analyzing what I would need to do yesterday, but I didn’t touch any of the code yesterday. I started this morning shortly after I got to work, and I finished some time around 15h00. In the middle, I finished up a project at work and got a second out the […]