I suppose enough time has now passed for me to talk about it, while I can still do so and have all the details fresh in my mind. I got laid off of work last Friday. I still have no real idea why, which is the really annoying part. I could handle the situation better, I think, if […]

I suppose the fact that this entry isn’t actually a joke is, itself, the biggest joke of them all. I just don’t know who the butt of this joke is. I bought DDR MAX for the PS2 today. Some time ago, Jessie picked up a pad that EB had pennied out of inventory, so we had the […]

I wish I knew right now what I was feeling. My emotions are this tightly knotted mass of disjoint and tangled threads that all interleave into a Gordian Knot, matching the lump in my stomach that refuses to settle. Shay moved out this morning. Like when Tanya left, I didn’t get to say good-bye. I’m not sure I […]

I suppose technically that this should be March 5th, but I’m writing it on the extreme morning of the fifth after having gotten up some time on the afternoon of the fourth, so I’m calling it the 4th for technicality’s sake. To be fair, some of my Thailand entries are properly labelled and I wrote them at all hours […]

So. First, I’ve lost my job. Second, I’ve lost my car. Third… well, there isn’t really a third to that, but the first two are enough. I suppose getting the flu could be the third, but it only makes me feel like diving head-first off of an overpass above the Schuylkill, or however the hell that river’s name is […]