I just finished Talos Principle last night. I have to give credit to Croteam mad props on this one. I don’t actually think that’s significant enough, but it’s a start. It didn’t reshape me, in the sense that what it had to say was unknown to me and now suddenly I’ve built a life around […]


This post has spoilers in it. I’m putting all the important stuff under a fold, but the internet is imperfect and I know I run plugins in my browser that can screw heavily with presentation; I can’t guarantee you won’t hit something you don’t want to know. No puzzle details will be revealed — I […]

Much has happened. Much needs to be said. Last night, I experienced my first PvP in CoH. If my physical responses to it are in any way indicative of my usual response to such things, as I suspect they are, then it was my last as well. I spent the next three hours twitching, shaking and shivering. […]

I suppose the fact that this entry isn’t actually a joke is, itself, the biggest joke of them all. I just don’t know who the butt of this joke is. I bought DDR MAX for the PS2 today. Some time ago, Jessie picked up a pad that EB had pennied out of inventory, so we had the […]

I wish I knew right now what I was feeling. My emotions are this tightly knotted mass of disjoint and tangled threads that all interleave into a Gordian Knot, matching the lump in my stomach that refuses to settle. Shay moved out this morning. Like when Tanya left, I didn’t get to say good-bye. I’m not sure I […]