0003 Kolera 16: Mobius

This past weekend, I think I sprained my brain. Kimya evening, Jessie and I loaded up supplies in the back of the Lander and headed off to the Microsoft campus for Puzzle Hunt 12. Coming home for a good night’s sleep before thirty-one hours of puzzle-solving, running all over the facilities, bad food, and sleep […]

0003 Radera 01

So, another month, another lack of update. Really, it’s not that I don’t care about this thing any more. It’s more the case that I get caught up in doing things and I don’t really think about telling folks about it. I just don’t “blog” the way most people do. Rather than talk about what’s […]

Last month—at the end of May, really—I started a new project, the Ranch on Mars. The idea was to harness some of the tricks of psychology that I’ve seen exploited at work to try to make meaningful improvements in my own life. With the first month of tracking progress behind me, I think it’s a […]

This feels like a maintenance post. No great weight sits upon my shoulders. No meaty social issues currently constrain my thoughts. No horrible demons lurk just behind my eyes demanding attention. I figure all in all I’ve been doing a fairly good job of tending my baobobs, and that’s meant fewer emotional collapses and less […]