“There isn’t going to be a blog post this week” is a strange way to start the weekly blog post. Really, what I mean by this is “there isn’t going to be a blog post of substance this week,” which isn’t the same as “there isn’t going to be a post at all,” but to […]


I mentioned last week that there are some difficult conversations going on at work about my ongoing status as a contractor at the new job. No less than three people, two of whom are senior managers, have said to me in the last week that they’re very hopeful that I don’t leave. One explicitly said […]


Not everything on the Orrery is going to be about writing. As much as this is a writing blog, this is really a showcase for my writing. That means, as long as I’m writing, it’s practice. Also, as much as I love being a creative individual, sometimes things happen that keep me from being able […]


When I started the job at Amazon in June, I worried for a while that I would end up drowning in work and dry besides. I had fourteen years of work experience, but none as a developer. I was moving into what I had been told was a high-stress, underfunded team with a lot of […]

(Pen) 0006 Yortera 01: Realism

In case anyone cares, the reason why De Magia fell apart is, in part, because I’m still living this stuff, as noted by my recent Staff post. The story was not outright autobiographical, in the sense that the events happened as described. However, enough of the events happened in some fashion that writing about them […]