“There isn’t going to be a blog post this week” is a strange way to start the weekly blog post. Really, what I mean by this is “there isn’t going to be a blog post of substance this week,” which isn’t the same as “there isn’t going to be a post at all,” but to […]


Much hay has been made of Clean Reader. Better-known authors than I have probably already picked this topic to death. For those who haven’t heard of it, it claims to edit out the profanity from e-books. Now, anyone who’s been online for longer than about six minutes has probably run into some variant of the […]


Not everything on the Orrery is going to be about writing. As much as this is a writing blog, this is really a showcase for my writing. That means, as long as I’m writing, it’s practice. Also, as much as I love being a creative individual, sometimes things happen that keep me from being able […]

I mentioned in an earlier post that writing for children “weirds narrative.” I think this is a fairly non-controversial position unto itself. Some people dismiss children’s literature, often harshly, as simplistic, dull, or… well… childish. I think it’s an acceptable statement to make in the abstract that we want children to be reading, and we […]


One of the hardest parts of writing is that stories have to feel real in a way that real life doesn’t have to match. I take public transit to work, and one of the great benefits of doing so is that it puts me in contact with a vast cross-section of people who I would […]