Ritual: Venusian Dreams

The ritual began as so many rituals began: with a wish. “I wish I felt more like I was a part of things.” That’s the kind of lament that, coming from someone I would consider so integral to the local community as I do, makes the part of my head that I’ve long since learned […]


I either have too many Twitter accounts, or I don’t have enough. The fact that I can’t tell which is itself part of the problem. I said at one point that Twitter could get its own whole post about what I do and don’t — mostly don’t — like about it. I’m not sure that […]


Furry Weekend Atlanta reported at their closing ceremonies that they lost an estimated forty-two thousand dollars due to ghosting. First off, kudos to the FWA team for taking the time to try to quantify the actual cost. I’ve been in monitoring and systems development for a quite literal “decades” at this point. We can’t fix […]